Branding can be a difficult task to successfully complete. Some qualities of your brand that you love may not be what attracts people to your business. There is, however, one quality everybody loves, and that’s you. Showing your audience the person behind the business is the perfect way to opening the door to them. Sharing personal stories, connecting your business content with your personality, and highlighting the human perspective within your business not only makes your brand more relatable but shows customers what they want to get to know. You. Below are 10 tips you can implement in your marketing strategy to make your brand more relatable and humanized. 

1. Be Authentically You:
There is only one you, so be that person, period. The best way to attract your ideal customer which will create energy, mutual joy and value is letting your true colors shine. Don’t pretend you are someone or a brand you are not. Find your authentic voice, personality, tone and share it worth the world. Life and business work so much better when lived in high human definition with no filters. Share your story and invite, engage and bring others with you for the journey. Let them help build you. When you win, then they all win.

2. Find where your passions intersect with the opportunity to create and drive business results:
When you are ignited by your passions your energy, excitement and happiness will often exude from your being. Customers will feel this and be attracted organically to work with you.

3. Create a content calendar and plan:
Though it may seem fun to wake up every morning and spontaneously post content to your many social profiles, your results will increase exponentially if you take the time to plan your content. The more you can focus on the right audiences, goals, objectives and strategies to attract your ideal audience, the more successful you will be.

4. Know and love your audience:
Think about the brands you love. What is it about them that you love? The more you know your audience and ideal customer, the better you can create content, products and services that connect with them in meaningful ways. Personal experiences make your brand more relevant and memorable. Create consistent, meaningful and unique experiences that separate you from the crowd of status quo.

5. Know your value:
Know your greatest strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve. When you are crystal clear on the value you serve your ideal audience and customers, you will pop out in a crowd to them in a positive way. They’ll be thinking “hey… that brand has just what I need now!”

6. Know the goals your audience has for life or business:
We must inspire our audiences to connect with us with a goal of helping them achieve their objectives. When we do this, we achieve ours by default as they are one and the same. Inspire – Connect – Achieve!

7. Create content that helps your audience achieve their goals:
How can you help them save time, make more money, lose weight, feel better, get more sleep and the list goes on. Know what they want and then create content that will help them achieve their biggest dreams. Then create content that provides the path, road-map and actionable steps to help them get to the desired state or level of success they are seeking.

8. Create content that inspires and empowers:
Knowledge is power. Inspire your audience to take action with content that empowers them to win! Inspiration does not equal a link to your blog post or sales page. Truly connect with the heart if you want to stomp the status quo. Create content that is easy to digest, share and remember. Inspiration quotes or short stories that people connect with are both great ways to create meaningful and inspirational content without spending a ton of time.

9. Get visual… as in really good visuals: 
Don’t simply post the same ol’ same ol’ stock images and be creative for your content, blog posts, videos, Instagram, Linkedin and email newsletter. Go out with a goal to create something that your ideal customer wants to see. A really good visual is one that catches your eye and gets the viewer to want to see and learn more about your business. Only post content that is worth being posted, don’t just post to stay relevant. 

10. Tap into the personal brand YOU FACTOR:
People buy from people they know, like, and trust. When was the last time you woke up in the morning excited to talk to a logo on social media? Invest in your personal brand and the payoffs will be high in building relationships, earning trust and growing your business. Learn the difference between authenticity and transparency and know that you don’t have to share everything you do 24/ 7 to build a rock solid personal brand that delivers result. Prioritize social networks, content and mediums that will help you connect with your ideal audience, customers, influencers and partners you want to work with.

Building a brand that resonates with your ideal customer is the key to gaining their business. It’s important to stay relevant online and within the community, but it is even more vital to stand above your competition. Talk to the experts at Kalen if you have more questions about any of these tips, and if this didn’t help feel free to leave us a comment about something you would like to see or learn. 

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