Designing Your Message

Brainstorm Your Theme

Many organizations struggle with creating “themes” for their marketing strategies. Building a theme doesn’t have to consist of just one product or service and it shouldn’t only be something you focus on once. We help clients think through which products & services are they want to showcase & why. From there we create implementation strategies to achieve our goals.

Focus On Customers

The absence of customer focused content is why most campaigns fail. When planning what content to create & post, it is no longer about you the business. It’s about your ideal client, where they shop, what they are looking for and why. This is where most of your campaign building conversations should happen as this part plays the largest role in the success or failure of your campaign.

Build Your Content

Once you have solidified your theme, strategy, ideal customers & how you’re going to engage with those ideal customers, it’s time to create your content. Videos, informational graphics, promotional materials, photos, blogs & GIFs. Honestly, the list goes on and on when it comes to the content you can create. The key is not to get lost in the creative process and stay laser focused on content that will encourage your customers to engage with you.