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By the Numbers

Say you are looking to improve your marketing. Marketing is vital for organizational growth, but it’s an investment. A common option is hiring a marketing specialist. They are out there, but in a world where finding the right fit can be challenging, we have another solution – hire a team.

Let’s break it down.


How much does marketing cost? How much money should you allocate towards marketing to make it worth it? Ultimately, that answer is different for every company. At Kalen, we help you find that number and adjust it as needed. For now, let’s look at that comparison above between hiring a marketing specialist and hiring our team.

Average Cost of an Entry-Level Marketing Specialist


  • One Person

The same budget with Team Kalen


  • Access to our entire team 
  • Plus a great budget for an annual marketing campaign with competitive ad spend availability


Time is just as valuable as money. This is no different when it comes to promoting your organization and services. We save you time on marketing so you can focus on what matters to you – running your business or organization. Let’s dive back into our comparison.

Entry-Level Marketing Specialist

Averages 15-30 hours a month on services + whatever time you spend directly collaborating with us.

  • Training time still needs to be considered.
  • Experience likely needs to be developed.
  • Likely proficient in a few areas but not an expert in all.

Team Kalen

Averages 15-30 hours a month on services + whatever time you spend directly collaborating with us.

  • This time varies during parts of the campaign and is determined by your organization’s needs and investment.
  • Our team efficiently works in their areas of expertise allowing hours to be minimal compared to an individual trying to wear all the hats.
  • Saving that amount of time allows you to focus more on your operations.

Ability and Quality of Work

Our last breakdown comes down to marketing ability and quality of work. For your investment of time and money, what do you get in return? Below are some key benefits and considerations

Entry-Level Marketing Specialist

1 mind

  • Creates and facilitates marketing plans.
  • They may specialize in a particular channel of marketing (social media management, photography, graphic design, video production, etc.) or may be familiar with a few areas.
  • May need to collaborate with third parties to produce materials.
  • Can conduct research.
  • Contains sufficient knowledge in marketing.
  • 1 mind and 1 viewpoint. Potentially great but limited.

Team Kalen

15 minds and growing

  • Around-the-clock account management with a personalized marketing plan
  • Team of marketing specialists in various disciplines, including branding, graphic design, website development, photo/video production, social media, traditional marketing, and innovative solutions like guerrilla marketing and app/plugin development.
  • We’re a full-service, in-house agency with creative control and flexibility. 
  • Data-driven strategy, analytics, and research to make your campaigns a success while adapting materials to better reach your target audiences.
  • Over 165 years of collective marketing experience and a history of successful campaigns
  • A collaborative and creative team with diverse mindsets and ideas
  • A history of killer campaigns across a variety of industries and markets.

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