At Adbay, we’re explorers, so we spend all of our time coming up with different ways to solve marketing problems. We’ve been teaming up with Wyoming businesses for 21 years now to creatively and effectively tackle their obstacles and meet their goals with a proven process of research, brainstorm, experiment, learn, adapt and celebrate. The typical “agency-client” relationship doesn’t really fit us. Instead, we work with our partners, so that together we can chart even the roughest waters. And we’re always on the lookout for our next co-captain.


Use strategy and creative materials to spark meaningful conversations between our clients and their customers.


Above all, be a good listener.

Our clients are our partners. Your goals are our goals.

Research is everything.

Data is inspiring.

Craft something great. Then do it again – better.

We haven’t even started until the second draft.

Be creative.

Brainstorm. Daydream. Invent. Discover. Imagine. Solve.

Our whole is greater (and smarter and funnier) than the sum of our parts.

We’re at our best when we work with you and each other.


We help our clients achieve their goals by solving their business problems collaboratively.



Samantha Anderson

Office Manager

Dalton Blase

Digital Specialist

Rachel Bouzis

Account Manager + Copywriter

Kurt Box

Account Manager + Copywriter

Dave Castle

Operations Manager

Bradley Erickson

Senior Software Engineer

Mason Hall

Front End Developer

David Kerr

Video Producer

Eric Lewis

Senior Designer

Jason Yocum

Senior Designer

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