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Gillette isn’t another dusty energy town; it’s colorfully vibrant and surprisingly diverse. Adbay began our partnership with the Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CCCVB) marketing Gillette as a stop along the 'Monumental Route' — the I-80 stretch connecting Mt. Rushmore to Devils Tower to Yellowstone National Park. After a few years building a foundation with the CCCVB and their customers, we tailored our message to highlight the outstanding local food as well as the friendly, intriguing culinary experts who run them. Our video crew and copywriter interviewed, filmed and photographed these people and businesses, then our design and web team styled the stories we created (who are still bitter they didn’t get to sample the goods).


Food Truck Vlog

The Coop

Big Lost

Gillette Brewing

The Prime Rib

Pizza Carrello