Site Health

Your site’s health is critical both for Search Engine Optimization and user experience. At Kalen we deliver websites that are efficient but also serve your customer’s needs. 

We use multiple tools to measure your site’s performance across a variety of metrics. We will also evaluate your content for SEO and customer relevancy. Together this ensures your site performs optimally and your content stays fresh.

Our team can develop a Site Health Report to help you evaluate the needs and future of your website.

Core Web Vitals

While our reports provide detailed information on the performance of your site across a number of variables, we primarily use the same unifying metrics implemented by Google, called Core Web Vitals. Not only were these metrics established by field data, they reflect the user-centric outcomes that makes a real difference for your site. We aren’t just building a site that’s good for search engines, but a quality experience for your customers on every device.

Largest Contentful Paint measures the loading performance of your website. Customers don’t like waiting for a site to load and neither do we! Fast load times mean more interaction with your website.

First Input Delay measures the interactivity or responsiveness of your website. To provide a good experience, the site needs to respond to the user quickly.

Cumulative Layout Shift measures the visual stability of your site. As the site loads, the layout shouldn’t significantly change.

Content Inventory

Not only does stale content perform poorly on search engine rankings, but your customers don’t appreciate it either. Allow our copy experts to dial-in on the best content so you show up first in search results and serve your users. Our team will look for “holes” in your content that need filling, things your users are looking for but can’t find. We will also help you organize your site, so it elegantly delivers the content your customers are looking for. 

Don’t have the time to make all these changes yourself? Kalen can handle that for you quickly and accurately. We can also support your site with either automated or manual content language translation to make sure all your users are being reached.

Is Your Site Healthy?

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