Meet Kalen

Meet the individuals (and our office pup) who work tirelessly to bring our clients’ brands to life. From our social media gurus to our web wizards, when you choose to partner with us, you become an integral member of our team. Get to know us through the interactive team bios and find out what we do when we’re not working on the next big campaign.

Katrina Beckman


Katrina is our fearless leader, and boy does she have her hands full! Not only is she a business owner, coach, and runner, but she’s also a mom to two kids and a pup. But don’t let all that craziness fool you, she’s always on the cutting-edge of the industry, seeking out new and innovative ways to help our clients and team grow. Plus she does it all with a smile on her face… most of the time. (We won’t tell if she has a hidden stash of chocolate for those particularly stressful days.)

Brooklynne Kegler

Operations Manager

Always prepared and organized, Brooklynne is Kalen’s resident Chaos Coordinator (Project Manager). When not managing projects at Kalen Brooklynne enjoys baking, crocheting, reading, and wrangling her nieces and nephews.

Madilyn Larson

Account Manger

Hi! I’m Madilyn. When I’m not slaying the corporate world as an account manager, you can find me on my next adventure with my dog Bodhi, hiking the wildest of trails, seeking out the best microbreweries, and binging on the most hair-raising crime documentaries.

Mark Kinder

Marketing Consultant

Introducing Mark, the Account Manager who thrives in working with his team and clients. He is passionate about providing top-notch customer service and is skilled in building and maintaining strong relationships. When he’s not closing deals, he’s in the outdoors, looking for the big buck, hunting down the big catch, dominating the golf course, or trying out new hobbies (with questionable success). But don’t let his hustle fool you, when the work day is done, Mark enjoys chilling with his girlfriend Delaney and their furry friends Clark, Buster, and Taz. And if you’re lucky, he might invite you over for a cold one.

Kris Katzmann

Account Manager

When Kris isn’t busy with her work at Kalen scheduling, creating, and copywriting, she’s a proud mother of four who relishes in making memories with her husband of 25 years, whether it’s going on a mountain bike ride, fly fishing the Platte River, or simply enjoying a date night together. One thing you may not know about Kris is that she is a badass with a chainsaw.

Tessa Vogel

Marketing Consultant

Meet Tessa- a marketing maven, fitness enthusiast, and travel lover who’s taking on the world one rep, one adventure, and one campaign at a time. By day, Tessa is an accomplished marketing consultant with a track record of success in corporate marketing. In 2022, she was recognized as Marketer of the Year at Texas Roadhouse, and has received multiple other awards throughout her career. With extensive management experience, Tessa develops and maintains strong relationships with her clients by placing a strong emphasis on communication. When she’s not crafting creative marketing strategies or coaching soccer, Tessa can be found crushing workouts, channeling her inner sommelier, petting cute dogs, or soaking up the sun on a new trail. She holds a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Colorado State University, and her expertise in marketing has helped many businesses achieve their marketing goals with customized strategies that meet their unique needs.

Kimberly Ash

Executive Assistant

Hi there! I’m Kimberly. As a big believer in life-long learning, I’ve become a professional photographer, marketing enthusiast, and obsessed organizer. My journey has taught me that organizing my time is the gateway to an organized life. So satisfying! I love parties, enjoying Wyoming’s great outdoors, being creative, and passing all of these things on to my three amazing kids.

Dalton Blase

Digital Director

Hi I’m Dalt. I’m known around the office as a Soup-Off Champion, a mustache advocate, and the man that knows up to 30+ chokes (from my Jiu-Jitsu endeavors). At home, I’m known as the tallest roommate, a slightly above-average chef, and the crossword king.

David Kerr

Photo + Video Director

Can’t choose between photo or video? Neither could Dave, our photo AND video director. Here at Kalen he’s responsible for all content captured through a lens. Giving him room to be irresponsible in other aspects of his life, mainly: overdoing CrossFit workouts, staying up all night watching documentaries, and battling an unhealthy obsession with breakfast burritos. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Bradley Erickson

Senior Software Engineer


Tanner Dobrenz

Web Developer

Meet Tanner Dobrenz, the ultimate nerd-jock hybrid. When he’s not busy saving the galaxy in his favorite video game, you can find him passionately defending the Denver Broncos’ questionable play-calls. He’s a Star Wars fanatic who can recite every line from the original trilogy, but don’t ask him about the sequels unless you want to see him break out into a cold sweat. And if he’s not too busy laughing at his own jokes, he’ll probably be laughing at yours too.

Kristin Shaeffer

Web Developer + Graphic Designer

Kristin is that up-before-the-sunrise friend that nobody likes until after they’ve had their coffee. She can usually be found elbows deep in some crazy art project that she probably didn’t charge enough for and will inevitably wonder WHY she agreed to do it in the first place. She’s a transplant southerner who loves the snow and cold and would almost always rather be riding her bikes.

Evan Fries


Hello there! A man that has more Star Wars merch than sense, Evan is one of our copywriters and social media coordinators here at Kalen. When he’s not busy straining his eyes on the finer details at work, he can be found straining his eyes on the finer details of his hobbies at home, which include reading, toy collecting, watching movies, graphic design, and podcasting. Optometrists probably hate him, but his two geriatric puggles love him unconditionally.

Eric Lewis

Art Director

Eric is addicted to video games and movies, travel, and his wife and dogs. Working with Kalen (and Adbay before) since 2001, Eric looks old but loves new techniques and mediums. He is currently the second worst Table Tennis Player at Kalen.

Marissa Butler

Graphic Designer

Marissa is a crazy creative momma with 2 beautiful babies. An Art junkie that always pushes herself to try new things. She can do anything and everything except whistle. Not even going to try. She sometimes puts too much on her plate but its nothing she can’t handle with a smile and positive attitude.

Nicole Klungness

Graphic Designer

Nicole can usually be found around the office with a big smile on her face. She enjoys traveling, music, and all things art. When she’s not working, you can find her on the golf course, curled up on the couch with a good book, or eating tacos.

Samuel Castor

Video Intern

Meet Sam, a film enthusiast who was driven to take on the world of marketing. He works hard on set and in the edit bay with Dave, our Video Director. He’s constantly growing his skillset and pursuing his passions, which include fishing, skateboarding, hiking, motorcycle riding, and hitting the gym.


Senior Destruction Engineer

Meet the office’s resident food connoisseur and mascot, a dog who loves nothing more than chowing down on her coworkers’ snacks. She’s the unofficially elected taste tester for the office kitchen, and always happy to give her seal of approval (or disapproval) with a wag of her tail. Just don’t leave your lunch unattended or she might just help herself!

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